If you just spent the evening chasing your beloved family dog throughout the neighborhood, and it’s not even the first time this week, it may be time to check your fencing. Of course, fencing is important for more than just keeping your kids and pets safely restricted to your yard. A good fence means immediate curb appeal; it can be the difference between a warm welcome to visitors and a warning sign that your house could fall down around them at any minute. It’s a clear and visible delineation between your property and the neighbor’s, so you don’t have to mow as much as your neighbor wants you to think, and even serve as a trellis for climbing plants to spread out and grow along. The difference, of course, is down to style, materials, design, and proper installation. There are plenty of fencing kits out there, so you may be asking yourself, “How hard can it be to just rent a post-holer and do it myself?” The answer is a bit more complex than you might expect.

DIY Fencing

If your fence is missing several slats, has cracked or broken as the ground shifted, or you’re in a home that hasn’t been fenced yet, you’ve probably been eyeing your yard for a while and contemplating a run to your nearest home improvement store for supplies. After all, fencing is a pretty simple task, right? All you have to do is dig a few holes, install the posts, and attach everything else to those posts. Easy peasy. However, installing a fence, even when you buy a fencing kit with all the components included, isn’t quite as straightforward as all that.

First, fencing requires some pretty specific tools and the cost to buy or rent those can add up quickly. Then, depending on your soil, digging the post holes can be a days-long endeavor if you don’t really know what you’re doing. Not only do your holes have to be sufficiently deep, your posts have to support a lot of weight, so they have to be installed with plenty of stability. On top of that, your yard is not as nice and flat as it appears; dealing with the variance and accounting for proper yard drainage can be a complex task. Generally speaking, unless you have a lot of experience installing fencing, it’s more time- and cost-effective to hire a fence company to handle the install for you.

Benefits of Hiring a Fence Company

The Right Design

Foremost among the reasons to go the professional route is the end result. When you hire a professional fencing company, the team will have years of experience under their collective belts. This means you’ll benefit from their knowledge of how to get your install done correctly and give you a lasting fence, even if you have less than usual yard conditions. That experience means your fence company, like the team at Aztek Fencing, will have the know-how to deal with a variety of different soil conditions, yard drainage needs, and so on. They can advise you on which style and material will work best for your needs, your yard’s shape, and your aesthetic preferences.

Quick and Easy Fence Installation

Once you’ve discussed your yard’s needs and your preferences, a team from our fence company can come and handle the actual fence installation for you, from the first post hole to the last screw. Because we have the experience and the tools necessary, we can get the job done quickly and efficiently, which means you don’t lose a weekend (or more) to digging, measuring, drilling, and swearing. We also have the knowledge and equipment needed to secure your posts so your fence won’t go toppling over in one long line the first time we get a heavy snow.

Keeping It Legal

Of course, as fencing contractors, we also when it’s necessary to obtain permits so your new fence will be in compliance, meet HOA standards, and can actually be considered toward your home equity. If you’re concerned about a property dispute, we can help with that as well!

Save yourself the trouble and the time by hiring an experienced fence company to handle your fence install. Call Aztek Fencing in Fort Collins to get started!