In baseball, you can swing for the fences. In day to day life, good fences make good neighbors. You can be on the fence about an issue if you haven’t made up your mind, or straddling the fence when you’re unable to make up your mind. You can mend fences with someone you were previously arguing with or you can fence in students with specific essay parameters.

As you can see, fencing is so integral that it has even given our language a variety of idioms with which to express a multitude of fairly basic concepts. At Aztek Fencing, we understand the value a fence can have not only in marking separations or fencing in something valuable, but also in enhancing your job, your home, and your life. We pride ourselves on creating the best fence designs and performing quality fence installations based on your individual fencing needs.

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A Bit About Us

Aztek Fencing has been serving Fort Collins, Northern Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, and beyond 1993. We handle everything from the best quality home ornamental fencing installations to custom fencing design and installation for oil field security fencing. Given all that we do, we truly are Northern Colorado’s fencing experts! We believe that quality is our first priority with any fencing job; we want to build a fence that will last by using the best materials and ensuring every installation is done properly.


Commercial and Residential Fencing

At Aztek Fencing, we offer both commercial and residential fencing options, and nearly everything in between. If you have a farm outside of Greely, we’ll fence everything you need. Are you building a new housing development in Fort Collins? We can handle design and installation for you! We even handle security fencing for oil fields from Kansas to Wyoming and beyond. Part of what makes us the best fencing company in Fort Collins is our willingness to customize every job based on your needs. If you don’t see a fencing service listed, get a free quote to see what we can do for you!


There’s Oil In Them Hills

When setting up a new drilling operation, there are a million and one things to worry about. Don’t let the security of your equipment and area be one of those heavy weights on your shoulders. Aztek Fencing can handle all your oil field fencing needs, from perimeter security fencing to wellhead protection, hazmat enclosures, and everything in between. Whether you need your fencing to be temporary or permanent, we have the fencing solutions for you, right down to the electric gate openers.


Don’t Put The Cart Before The Horse

Better still, let the horse run free with the appropriate livestock fencing for your farm! If you have no idea how to go about installing a new fence, don’t give your herd that chance to escape; trust the experts at Aztek Fencing to install a corral for you. We have plenty of experience with agricultural fencing, to include cattle guards, electric fences, and even barbed wire in addition to the more traditional post and rail fences you may need. We can even set up custom equestrian fencing designed to your specifications.


Stand Out In The Crowd

Do you want to draw in homebuyers? Help your housing development stand out from the other developments going up in Fort Collins, Loveland, and surrounding areas with the right aesthetics. The first thing a potential homebuyer sees when they go house shopping is the outside of the neighborhood. Make that impression a lasting one with the right fencing. We can design and install fencing for your housing development that will make it pop.

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DIY Without Big Box Stores

Performing a bit of fence repair or separating your home garden shouldn’t be an onerous task. At Aztek Fencing, we have do it yourself fencing kits if you want to be more hands-on, or we can design and install a fence for you. We even offer post setting services!

Stay tuned to our blog for more information about our services and other fencing questions. Call your Northern Colorado fence company, Aztek Fencing to start your project today!