Commercial and Industrial Fencing Contractors

commercial_chain_link2When you purchase fencing, you’re drawing a line in the sand. On your side is your property and how you want it to look, whatever’s on the other side is not your concern. When business owners approach the idea of fencing they often picture not particularly picturesque chain-link fencing and other utilitarian installments that are as unexciting as they are necessary. Commercial fencing doesn’t have to be a bore. It should be like everything else that you do for your business: reflective of your personal brand. Aztek Fencing is completely prepared to create a fence that is brand-centered and shows what your brand stands for.


Our commercial fencing services don’t just stretch throughout all of Colorado. We also serve Wyoming, Nebraska and Kansas with our high-quality fencing and skilled fence contractors. Our team is equipped with a number of highly experienced fence contractor teams that consist of adaptive leaders and dedicated workmen. We understand the importance of fences and the meaning of the distinctive line that they draw around your commercial property.

The Design

We understand the nature or your needs and we’re prepared to advise you and explore your options for your upcoming fencing project. Our designers can create a custom layout for your business that matches your brand to the T while staying within your budget range. Looking for elegance and simplicity in your fencing? Try some graceful wrought iron bars with simple crossbars and blunted tops. Looking for something utilitarian and understated? Let’s explore the height and strength of the chain link fence that you need.

Our Fencing Options

Since there are so many varieties of fence that a commercial building might need, we try to keep our options for you to choose from as open and unlimited as possible. Our fence designers can point you in the direction of various types of privacy fencing to both protect and shield the operations of your company from the public, as well as bollard fencing for security purposes. We offer these same designs in customizable material options such as chain link, steel, wood and much more.

Fencing Options:


  • Commercial fencing
  • Industrial and government fencing projects
  • Automatic gates and barriers
  • Security fencing
  • Perimeter fencing
  • Hazmat fencing and enclosures
  • Tennis court fencing
  • Commercial dog kennel fencing
  • Chain link fences
  • Commercial wire fencing

Contact Aztek Fencing

If you’re interested in investing in commercial fencing for your company’s property, reach out to us. We provide a host of fencing services that can be specifically tailored to your processes and timetable. Whether your restaurant needs to be fenced in to provide protection for your guests on the patio, you think it adds aesthetic appeal to the grounds of your company’s property or you need it to help keep your multi-family residential properties for your renters only, we can provide all the tools you’ll need. Contact us to start designing your fence with the premier fence contractor in Fort Collins.