Residential fencing, at first seems like something that you take for granted and might be an unnecessary expense, but in reality it’s one of the most important parts of your house. It’s not just about security, it’s mostly about privacy.

The Scenario

Picture this: You just purchased a brand new house and you’re simply enchanted by home ownership. You never thought you’d own something this substantial before! Perhaps you’re even taking to staring at the mass of the structure and appreciating it on your front lawn. Of course your neighbors will be wonderful, you’ll never have any problems again because you own a house. But then, the neighbors have a huge dog that also isn’t fenced in and they have weedy vines crawling over your freshly planted trees. On the other side of your yard, the other neighbors don’t have a fence, and they don’t have blinds or curtains and you can see everything they do in there when you’re hanging out on your back porch. The bottom line is residential fences are super important, not because you’re trying to shut your neighbors out, but because you didn’t sign up to live with them too.

Stylist Options

Beyond privacy and security a residential fencing project can also be an aspect to style the outside of your house. Unless you’re willing to invest money into front porch lawn furniture, you probably don’t have a good classic way to stylize your home and make it your own unless you want to invest in a custom roof or a new paint job. Residential fences can provide character to any yard and home with ease because they’re such a large part of the property. Beyond fencing off where your neighbor’s tree should not be eeking into, it can turn your tutor style home into a full blown cottage. In fact, when properly executed by advanced and experienced fencing contractors the design of your fence can render your home a very distinct property on the street that both stands out and has its own aesthetic.


Personalize Your Space

While your residential fence is first and foremost, marking off the property line, it also provides a great sense of security that comes with total privacy and peace. You want a fence that you can plant your collection of hops for home brewing against, to climb up and decorate. You want a beautiful cedar fence that runs along the length of your yard that you can allow beautiful clematis flowers to overtake and stylize for you. In the end, your residential fencing should be as apart of your home as roof and the door. Get started with your own design now with our brilliant fencing contractors right here in Fort Collins. Contact us to schedule your appointment.

The Fencing Options We Offer:


  • Do-it-yourself fencing kits
  • Fence kits
  • Post setting
  • Dog kennel fencing and pet runs and pens
  • Pool fencing
  • Automatic gates
  • Various fence styles, colors, and stains
  • Custom designed wood fences
  • Residential chain link fencing
  • Residential vinyl fencing
  • Cedar and vinyl privacy fencing
  • Ask about our rock drill!

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