When it comes to those wide open spaces, whether you’re along the Front Range or in the middle of no man’s land Nebraska, you wouldn’t assume there is a whole lot of need for security fencing; after all, who is going to go that far out of their way just to get you your oil field? Not many, aside from the folks showing up to work, that’s for sure. However, even when your work site is miles from anywhere, there are still plenty of reasons to invest in solid security fencing. At Aztek Fencing, we are Fort Collins’ premier fencing company and we pride ourselves on offering the best security fencing for any need, whether you’re along the Front Range or into Wyoming, Nebraska, or Kansas. If you’re contemplating foregoing security fencing at your next site, it’s time to re-think that plan; here’s why security fencing is so important:

The Critter Keep-Out Sign

General perimeter fencing or security fencing works a bit like a big “Keep Out” sign when it comes to keeping wild animals at bay. For many creatures, especially smaller animals like coyotes or foxes, a barbed wire or split rail fence isn’t going to be sufficient to keep them out. Cows wandering past may get the message, but a coyote can slip through those gaps pretty easily, sneak in, and wreak havoc without anyone noticing. Or, if your fencing isn’t complete – for example, if you left gaps to get trucks or machinery in and out – even larger livestock can get in and you’re facing too much time wasted trying to get them back out of your work area. Solid security fencing can go a long way to keeping stray animals from visiting your site; if you’re especially worried, adding in cattle guards can limit livestock visits even further. So, whether it’s wildlife or local livestock, sturdy security fencing can keep animals out and save you and your crew valuable work time.

Limit Oil Field Access

The primary reason to have thorough security fencing for your oil field is to cut down on non-permitted people. In our highly politically active society, protests and potential acts of sabotage can be a real concern and, as you may imagine, a few strands of barbed wire will probably not be enough to deter a band of vehement protesters. However, proper security fencing can offer you protection against protesters and even those who just hope to catch a peek of your operation. If you want to block access, both physically and visually, it’s important to have sturdy security fencing that has been customized for your space and your needs.

Once set up is complete and you won’t have teams on site all day, there isn’t really much call for that full security fencing. However, even basic wellhead protection is still important to limit the amount of people who can or try to access your oil rig, wellhead, or other equipment. At Aztek Fencing, we offer a variety of customizable options, so we can design and install the best security fencing for your needs, no matter which stage of the job you are at.

Ease of Access

Often, temporary privacy fencing for your oil field work site comes with a lot of hoops to jump through and a lot of unnecessary hassle. Does your temporary fencing have easily moveable gates? Are they large enough to bring in the vehicles and equipment you need to? With Aztek Fencing, we believe that even temporary fencing should work for you, not make you work harder. Automatic gates and barriers can provide the ease of access and protection you need for your oil rig so you don’t have to worry about how you’ll get all your equipment into the yard or how you’ll protect your equipment, short-term or long-term.

If you need security fencing for oil fields, gas refineries, fabrication yards, or even just equipment enclosures or wellhead protection, Aztek Fencing can help! Whether your job is right outside of Fort Collins or up into Wyoming, we will give you the security you are looking for as well, keep livestock at bay, and keep unwanted visitors out of your site! Call us today to ask about all the areas we serve and to schedule a consultation so we can start designing your security fence today!