1. Fencing: DIY or Hire a Fence Company?

    If you just spent the evening chasing your beloved family dog throughout the neighborhood, and it’s not even the first time this week, it may be time to check your fencing. Of course, fencing is important for more than just keeping your kids and pets safely restricted to your yard. A good fence means immediate curb appeal; it can be the difference between a warm welcome to visitors and a warning…Read More

  2. Welcome to the Aztek Fencing Blog!

    In baseball, you can swing for the fences. In day to day life, good fences make good neighbors. You can be on the fence about an issue if you haven’t made up your mind, or straddling the fence when you’re unable to make up your mind. You can mend fences with someone you were previously arguing with or you can fence in students with specific essay parameters. As you can see, fencing is so integ…Read More